what Victor's clients say

"Victor Fain represents the benchmark for how personal trainers should be, His attention to detail, technique driven approach to personal training ensures each of my training sessions will provide me with maximum results. Victor’s engaging personality creates an enjoyable environment that motivates his clients to believe they can make substantial gains in their fitness objectives. He has empowered me with an ability to strengthen my own physical and mental limits, greatly enhancing my ability to perform in a high stress work environment. I recommend Victor Fain to anyone looking to make lifestyle changes in a professional yet fun way. "
chris paterson
Director at Diversified Specifics
"Gaining the services of Victor Fain as a personal trainer was one of the best decisions I have made for my health. He has helped me achieve my fitness goals via strategies that are practical, fun and challenging. In addition to expertly customising my gym sessions to develop my strengths and improve my weaknesses, Victor has provided me with helpful advice on the kinds of beneficial exercises I can do outside of the gym. Victor is patient, very supportive, provides honest feedback and always takes the time to listen to concerns. He also has a great sense of humour! I highly recommend Victor Fain to anyone looking to avail themselves of the services of a first-rate personal trainer. "
samuel medley
Writer Editor
"I have been training with Vic since 2014. Victor is to me more than just a personal trainer, he is a life coach , a mentor and someone with passion for what he does. Victor always pushes me to the best of my abilities and never gives up on me when I feel like giving up on myself. I highly recommend Victor if you are looking for a real personal trainer that understands the human body and nutritional requirements. And most of all, is passionate about his job!"
Claire Holowczak
Vocational Education
"The best part of working with Vic is simply that: you work with him. He’s less a teacher and more a partner, hearing your concerns and developing a safe and effective fitness strategy tailored around your strengths and weaknesses. Vic is bringing you to your perceived limit, and pushing past it to create growth. I highly recommend Victor for outstanding services as a Sport Massage Therapist and as a Personal Trainer. "
Gary Wieland
"Victor is one of the most knowledgeable personal trainers I have ever had. His style of training is versatile and challenging, he is great at teaching the correct techniques to prevent injuries (as I come with many). I love that he is constantly checking in and keeping me on track with my training and nutrition. Highly recommended!"
Natasha Walsh
Pet Stylist
"In an oversaturated industry amongst many subpar fitness professionals, Victor is one personal trainer who truly stands out. Not only is he highly motivating, he is well-educated and has great attention to detail which is reflected in the way he trains his clients, and the results they achieve with him. I have no hesitation to recommend him for both personal training and sports massage therapy."
Sasha Dulics
Personal Trainer
"Victor is a phenomenal personal trainer. Having had previous personal trainers, what stands Victor out is the effort he takes in getting to know you as a person as well as his ability to personalize his training methods according to your body type and goals. As you make progress he will raise the bar with achievable targets that keep you motivated and focused. Victor is knowledgable in nutrition and diet and the importance it plays in getting you to where you want. I have been training with Victor for over a year and the gains I have made are remarkable. I would thoroughly recommend Victor to anyone who is willing to put in the effort. "
Din Silva
"Over the past 4 years Victor has looked after me on so many levels with his personalised and dedicated Training sessions. I've been so fortunate to have crossed paths with Victor and seen first hand how much effort he puts aside to make sure all his clients reach personal fitness goals with absolute caution, his care towards my health and wellbeing during my own sessions have ensured I have the right knowledge I can utilise when training myself. After having many different PT's, none come as close to what Victor has been able to acheive with me. So If you want to reach your goals with one of the Best trainers, then look no further. "
Tyran Holmes
Artistic Hair Technician
"Hubby and I are active, middle-aged retirees and frequent visitors to the Gold Coast and we have enjoyed regular fitness training sessions with Victor for the past couple of years. Victor tailored individual programmes for us, focusing on our specific requirements which at times included rehabilitation for our various injuries. He is a great motivator and his enthusiasm for the health and fitness industry is highly infectious! Victor’s training sessions are lots of fun, full of variety, very enjoyable and we can highly recommend him as an outstanding personal trainer to anyone wanting to achieve their health and fitness goals. "
Maggie & Lionel C
Retired business professionals
"I have been training with Vic for a long time, he is an amazing and very caring trainer. He always makes time for the people around him. Including his clients, friends and family. He doesn't hesitate to give a bit more towards the ones who need the extra help. He pushes my limits, makes sure I constantly make progress, but also has time for a laugh! I always feel great at the end of the sessions. He never gives up on me and is fully committed to his clients while keeping a smile on his face. He definitely is a hard worker and will understand what you want."
Mike Flynn
"My wife organised for a PT session with Victor for me as a gift - seven years later I am still training with Victor, which speaks for itself. And I still look forward to my weekly session. Victor is an amazing trainer, and his knowledge of the body and training techniques has helped me to gain and maintain muscle, stay toned, and keep fit. Sessions are organised to suit my ability, but also to keep me challenged."
Guy Marshall
Manager Safety Assurance
"I first came across Victor when a friend of mine recommended that I go train with him. Having not done any exercise for about a year I was a bit nervous about getting back into working out. Right off the bat Victor made me feel very comfortable and helped alleviate my concerns about getting back into it after a while away. During our intial consultation I mentioned a few old injuries that were holding me back from doing what I wanted. On top of being a PT he also has a background in being a sport massage therapist, so he was able to suggest some strategies to get me back to being at full functional mobility again. The actual workout have been great! I always walk out feeling like I have been pushed out of my comfort zone. I can't recommend Victor highly enough, he helped me out with my health and fitness goals, and I am sure he can assist you with yours as well."
andrew fraser
"Sessions with Victor are deeply challenging, immensely rewarding, and always fun. He is genuinely invested in my success, offering expert advice, skillfully guiding and motivating me towards the achievement of my goals."
Marie Philp
"I have been training with Vic for the past year. I came to Vic after losing 60 kgs and wanted to gain muscle tone and definition. He has exceeded my expectations through his professionalism and commitment to my goals. I love the intimate environment with his home studio, without the gym hype. I have never really liked the large gym environment and this meets my needs perfectly.
Vic is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging and fun. My fitness and strength has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more ab and core work and progressively lift heavier weights. Vic helps me to push myself harder throughout each session. He is very focused on correct technique to ensure maximum workout and also to avoid injuries. He caters to any current injuries by adjusting exercises.
His knowledge and understanding of human physiology is evident through his work, not just in the area of Personal Training, but in Diet and Lifestyle also. I have utilised his massage services, which has been a huge benefit, as the stronger I am getting the more my body needs adjusting. Through sports massage, joint manipulation and PT, I am getting a full body wellness service with Vic. I really look forward to my workout sessions each week and love seeing the definition and changes in my body as I work towards my goals. I highly recommend Vic at Body Temple for all your Personal Training needs.
Fiona swadling
Acting Deputy Principal
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